Sunday, March 22, 2009


Message to 3HP from South Africa

Man you have to hit South Africa. Hip Hop is starting to grow more faster than anything here man especially in my area. I live only 10 min away from Soweto... I live in a place called Eldorado Park were the youth is involved in drugs, sex, murdering, gang fights and the most common car theft and high jacking. The secular music has a great effect on them and they believe every thing these rappers say, There are some disturbing songs going around thru the cellphone that involve some guys in my area and guys from another area, its almost like the bief with West side and East side. These guys cus and speak about murdering each other in the streets and even 5 year old kids listen to this (wish I had the recording software so I can connect to them with the gospel). I listen to your music and excites me and I just want the people in Eldos to know that there IS some banging beats with a positive message in it and being a christian is cool. Anyway if God wants you to come then he will make a way, Because I know "you have to clean your house 1st before you clean sum1 else's house" but in the mean time the only way I can make people listen to you is by banging them beats with our dance moves (Check out the videos "ceequince dance crew"). Thanks for sharing and communicating this would never happen in the secular world... Much Luvv.. nathan